Diana Kullman Receives the Silver St. George Award

Diana Kullman currently serves as the Region 15 Chairwoman.  In that position she has spearheaded identifying contacts with Eastern Catholic chaplains and chairmen and identifying Eastern Catholics serving on Latin-Rite Catholic committees on Scouting. A long-time member of the Denver diocesan Catholic committee on Scouting, Diana has organized and participated in Boy Scout retreats, TenContinue reading “Diana Kullman Receives the Silver St. George Award”

The 15th World Scout Moot

The 15th World Scout Moot opened on 25 July in Reykjavík and lasted until 2 August, when it closed in the Úlfljótsvatn Scout Center, Iceland’s scout camp. The Moot had 5,000 participants ages 18-25 (what are called “Rover Scouts” in other parts of the world, roughly equivalent to our Venture program). Participants hailed from aboutContinue reading “The 15th World Scout Moot”

Day Camp and Summer Camp Kick Off in June

“Text and Photos by Joshua Murdock” Summer is in full swing in the Denver Area Council, and Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts alike are having fun at camp now that school is out!  Five of the seven districts within the council held their Cub Scout Day Camps in June, while Tahosa High Adventure Base and PeacefulContinue reading “Day Camp and Summer Camp Kick Off in June”