Spreading Scouting on Social Media

There a lot of potential uses for social media in Scouting. While Scouts BSA is an organization that focuses on experiential programs, platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer a lot of communication tools to stay in the loop with the Council and share your experiences with other Scouters! Follow the Denver Area Council The DACContinue reading “Spreading Scouting on Social Media”

A Scavenger Hunt to Save Lives

Any Scout who has completed the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge knows that a key element of being prepared for the unknown is to have an Emergency Kit stocked and ready to go. Be Prepared is the Scout motto for a reason! That being said, your Scout doesn’t have to wait until officially beginning his orContinue reading “A Scavenger Hunt to Save Lives”

Let’s Get ScOUTside with Scavenger Hunts!

The Restart Scouting theme for October is Scavenger Hunt! From the living room to the nearby park – being on the lookout for items is a great way to start to recognize your surroundings and connect to the world around you! Send your families out and about with a list of things to find andContinue reading “Let’s Get ScOUTside with Scavenger Hunts!”

Finding a New Meeting Space

For the past few months, the DAC has been working to help #KeepScoutingGoing while also ensuring members of your troop stay safe and engaged. Our youth thrive off of the social opportunities, leadership development and other self growth that occur when they are Scouting. As such, this post focuses on how to find and accessContinue reading “Finding a New Meeting Space”

Unit Action Plan to Get Back to Your Charter Organization Meeting Space

With the cold front that blew in this week it is more obvious than ever that your Den, Patrol or other Scouting group needs to figure out a meeting place for this fall and winter season. With Covid restrictions, this may seem like an impossible task. However, we found a success story from Troop 130Continue reading “Unit Action Plan to Get Back to Your Charter Organization Meeting Space”

Let’s Hike to Restart Scouting!

There are so many great activities to enjoy with your fellow Scouters as we #RestartScouting together! For September, the monthly themed activity is Hiking! Here in Colorado we are lucky enough to have some of the best hiking in the world. Even so, it can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. As weContinue reading “Let’s Hike to Restart Scouting!”

“The Scouts’ mission is a good compass to follow in your life,” says Chairman of the Board, Charlie McNeil.

A 4th generation Colorado native, Charlie McNeil was born in Greeley and raised in Estes Park. As a young boy Charlie joined the Cub Scouts and in 1965, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout from Troop 8 in Estes Park. In 2019, the National Eagle Scout Association awarded Charlie its highest recognition—the Distinguished EagleContinue reading ““The Scouts’ mission is a good compass to follow in your life,” says Chairman of the Board, Charlie McNeil.”

DAC Volunteers Like Matt Maranto Make Scouting a Success!

Once in a blue moon a volunteer comes around who gives as much to the Scouts through his presence as he does through his actions. Matt Maranto is that type of volunteer. Born in Colorado but raised in Florida, Matt experienced his first taste of volunteerism during his tenure as a Cub Scout. After college,Continue reading “DAC Volunteers Like Matt Maranto Make Scouting a Success!”