Camp Care Packages and Checking the Socials! 

Intro   Are you sending your kid to camp this summer without you? Here at McNeil Scout Ranch at Peaceful Valley, we understand how hard it can be to be away from home and the homesickness that comes with it. That’s why we have several methods available for you to let your kid know how muchContinue reading “Camp Care Packages and Checking the Socials! “

10 Reasons To Encourage Your Kid To Go To Summer Camp

Introduction When your kid is involved in Scouting, summer can make or break their experience. The kids who get the most out of their scouting adventure often go to summer camps each year. Here at McNeil Scout Ranch at Peaceful Valley it is our goal to create a fun and memorable experience for scouts ofContinue reading “10 Reasons To Encourage Your Kid To Go To Summer Camp”

The Ultimate Guide for Summer Camp Packing

Introduction Is this your first summer sending your child to camp? Maybe this is your first summer going to camp without a family member? Or maybe you just want to perfect your camp preparation practices? Getting ready for camp can be stressful and overwhelming leaving you unsure of what to do. That’s why McNeil ScoutContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide for Summer Camp Packing”

Cold Weather in Colorado: Advice, Tips, and Tricks

Introduction Colorado is well known for its outdoor adventure persona with a multitude of nature-filled activities to participate in. You might first think of our popular summer activities but there is no shortage of fun winter outings that are sure to fill your need for adventure. Whether you’re skiing, Snowshoeing, Ice Fishing, Snowmobiling, Sledding, orContinue reading “Cold Weather in Colorado: Advice, Tips, and Tricks”

Top 5 Camp Skills That Will Help You In The Real World

Introduction Have you ever thought about what happens after camp? You just spent all week in the sun laughing, smiling, and having fun with your friends and now what? Yes, you completed some Merit Badges and maybe even some rank requirements but what about the more permanent effects of going to summer camp? Here atContinue reading “Top 5 Camp Skills That Will Help You In The Real World”

Patrol Cooking at Camp

INTRODUCTION Scout camps all across the world typically provide food through a dining hall system where kitchen staff cook and serve the meals, but there is another way for troops to get their daily dose of nutrients. Here at McNeil Scout Ranch, we offer an alternative method that promotes leadership skills and team building allContinue reading “Patrol Cooking at Camp”