Camp Care Packages and Checking the Socials! 


Are you sending your kid to camp this summer without you? Here at McNeil Scout Ranch at Peaceful Valley, we understand how hard it can be to be away from home and the homesickness that comes with it. That’s why we have several methods available for you to let your kid know how much you love and miss them! Read below to learn more about ways to send your scout a note from you and how you can even see pictures of them during their week at camp.  

Camp Care Packages 

Did you know you can send care packages and letters to your child while they’re at camp? Mail is delivered daily to the Scout Ranch and will be picked up and distributed by the troop’s Scoutmaster. Scouts can send postcards and letters home and postcards and stamps are available at the trading post. Scouts can deposit mail at the headquarters building at Camp Cris Dobbins. We encourage parents to write to their children while at camp or send them a care package. Be sure to mail early as it takes 4 or 5 days for mail to be delivered. If the mail comes early we will hold onto it until the week your scout comes but please include a return address on the mail so it can be returned if it doesn’t make it in time. 

If you want to send a care package but don’t have any ideas, don’t worry because we have you covered! Whether you’re just sending your kid something special or providing a treat for the whole troop, it will make your scout feel special and a little less homesick. Some fun items to include in a care package are card games, a football or soccer ball, journals for them to write their favorite memories in, disposable cameras, coloring book and markers, fun Chapstick, glow sticks, bubbles, and snacks.  

If you decide to send something to your scout while they’re away please address it like this: 

Scout’s Name, Troop Number (Make sure to say if it’s the boys troop or girls troop if both are coming at the same time) 

Camp Session (name session attending)  

McNeil Scout Ranch at Peaceful Valley  

22799 North Elbert Road, Box 97  

Elbert, CO 80106-0097 

Check our Socials  

If you can’t take out the time to spend a whole week with your child and their troop, you can still stay updated about all the fun they’re having! Our Media Manager spends their day taking as many photos of the scouts participating in activities as they can. They then will upload some of those photos to the camp’s social media pages where your child might be featured. Several photos will be posted once or twice a day on all three of our social media platforms. So check there for professional photos of your kid having fun! 

Once your scout comes back home for the week they might have a ton of photos to share with you. If you want these photos to be posted on the camp’s social media sites then you can email them to our Media Manager, Heather Diviness, at We love receiving the photos that adults take throughout the week!  

Our social media platforms are: 

Instagram: @mcneilscoutranch 

Facebook: McNeil Scout Ranch at Peaceful Valley  

Twitter: @McNeilScoutRnch 


We want your scout to have as much fun during their week away as you do and that might mean sending them a little extra TLC! We hope that you can utilize this information to put a smile on your and your scout’s face this summer! 

For more information on how to send something to your scout or visit them please look at our Leaders and Program Guides 

For more information on camp in general and how to register for next year visit  

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