10 Reasons To Encourage Your Kid To Go To Summer Camp


When your kid is involved in Scouting, summer can make or break their experience. The kids who get the most out of their scouting adventure often go to summer camps each year. Here at McNeil Scout Ranch at Peaceful Valley it is our goal to create a fun and memorable experience for scouts of all ages. Our camp offers something for everyone, and we have a variety of activities for Scouts with different interests. We recognize that for some families summer camp can feel scary which is why we are creating this list of 10 of the best reasons for a kid to go to camp! Is this your first summer sending your child to camp? Or maybe this is your first summer going to camp without a family member? Getting excited and ready for camp can seem daunting if you’ve never been before. In this blog we will cover 10 reasons to come to our summer camp and detailed explanations to ease your worries and encourage you to get excited for camp!

1. Camp Has Something For Everyone

We really do mean it when we say our camp has something for everyone! If your scout is still in Cub Scouts, we offer a wide variety of activities for them. Archery, BB Guns, Sling Shots, Pool, Boating, Bouldering, Gaga Ball, and more! Cub Scouts is a great way for your kid to make new friends, find new interests, and learn new skills.

If your Scout is older and in Scouts BSA but hasn’t come to our camp yet, you will be pleased to know that we offer over 40 different Merit Badges for them to try! Our camp is split up into lodges that teach categories of Merit Badges. Our Scoutcraft Lodge involves everything someone interested in outdoor skills could dream of. Our Handicraft Lodge is for anyone whose hands-on and creative. The Hollywood lodge is for our scouts who are interested in electronics of any kind, and it includes a large range of skills from movie-making to game design. Can you guess what our Nature Lodge encompasses? That’s right anything nature-related! We even have a STEM Lodge that caters to our science kids. Our camp also includes several high adventure-type activities and Merit Badges. Our Adventure Lodge has classes for rock climbing and cycling. Shooting sports, Ziplines, Horses, Pool, Boating, and ATVs are just some of the other adventurous activities that you can find here at camp.

Our camp has a wide range of activities, big and small, for all ages and interests!

2.  Meet Positive Role Models

We pride ourselves on our amazing staff here at McNeil Scout Ranch! Our staff is filled with people from different backgrounds and interests, so your kid is bound to connect with at least one of them. Each and every staff member that works at our camp has the common goal of making camp an unforgettable experience for your kid. Our smaller class sizes and independent camp host time allows for each scout to connect with the staff throughout the week. We are all excited to make camp awesome and our personalized touch on scouting allows for a positive environment amongst the participants and staff. Kids can learn so much from older role models in their life and camp is a great way for your kid to have this experience with role models that are trained to keep your kid safe and have an endless amount of care and happiness to ensure a great week.

3.  Develop Better Communication Skills

Although camp might be a little out of some kids’ comfort zones, it is a great place to safely practice coming out of your shell. Due to the nature of camp, kids have the opportunity to meet other youth and connect through common interests. Our camp promotes kindness and teamwork amongst everyone at camp. We foster a nurturing environment for kids to feel safe enough to try new things and meet new people. At the end of camp, you might be surprised at how much your kid has grown in their confidence.

 4. Grow As People

In addition to your kid improving their communication skills, they might also grow in other ways. Camp is a unique opportunity for children to experience a sense of independence and responsibility while being in a safe and controlled environment. It’s also a great way for youth to try new things in a safe manner. Your kid has the opportunity to grow their interests in the best way possible. There are so many positive outcomes when it comes to your kids growing as a person at camp but one of the lasting effects is the friends they will make. You will be surrounding your kid with other kids who also follow the Scout oath and law. The Scouts here have the chance to grow together and become the best version of themselves at camp.

5. Create Lifelong Memories And Friends

I’m not kidding when I say the people you meet at camp could be your lifelong friends. Camp creates such a unique and welcoming environment that your kid is bound to make new friends. The bonds that your child could make here are strong and often last far after they come to camp. The thing that will stick with your scout the most though is the memories they will make. This experience is one of a kind and can have such a positive impact on participants.

6. Get Unplugged

That’s right! Camp is a great way for your kid to put down the screen and actually enjoy the great outdoors. It is no secret that our society relies heavily on devices and camp might be one of your kids’ only chances to experience fun without the aid of an electronic device. Not only is this incredibly rejuvenating for your child, but it has several physical health benefits. Camp will increase your child’s activeness, help with neck and back pains from posture, and give their eyes a break. The lack of electronics also will do wonders for your child’s stress levels. The best part of this is that your child probably won’t even miss the screen with all the fun activities they will be participating in. Even if your child doesn’t go completely screenless for the week, they will still feel the benefits of cutting down on the electronics.

7.  Unique Experiences

Camp is likely to provide your kid with experiences that they might not have access to in “everyday” life. As mentioned before we have a large array of activities for your kid to enjoy but most of our activities are only available at places like camp. Give your kid the opportunity to learn to canoe or ride ATVs. Trying something new is often a fun and rewarding experience.

8. Experience Outdoor Childhood, Fun, And Adventure

When is the last time your kid just had fun in the dirt outside? Although this is an everyday occurrence for some kids it’s not for all. Camp encourages your kid to just be a kid and enjoy themselves. So many adults have fond memories from their days spent at camp, and kids who have been to camp often say it’s a favorite part of their summer. You are giving your child the gift of memories – dirt, adventure, story, and nights spent with friends outdoors under the stars.  These childhood memories will last forever. Odds are your kids are going to love it! And for that reason alone, it’s worth sending them to camp.

9.  Create Interests For Future Careers

Although camp is fun for all ages, it does have an added benefit for teenagers. Going camp can promote interests in future careers whether that has to do with the Merit Badges that your kid takes or just the fact that they enjoy the outdoors. If after coming to camp your kid decides that they really enjoyed, it then they can come back as a staff member to experience camp from a working side. Becoming camp staff has an entirely different list of benefits. Going to camp can turn your kid from a mentee to a mentor and they will gain many valuable traits from doing so.

10.  Sending kids to camp is beneficial for you, too

Leaving your kids in the great outdoors for an entire week might seem difficult or nearly impossible. But putting your kids in the care of our well-trained staff can open time for you to have an amazing summer too. Maybe it will free up time for some overdue self-care or give you and your partner time to reconnect. At the very least it will give you the time to rest and reset your busy life. Spending time away you’re your kid will make it sweeter when they come back. Parenting is tough work, so don’t feel guilty if you enjoy this time to yourself. Chances are that your kids are having a blast without you! That being said, there’s also the benefit of going to camp with your kid. Camp can be a great bonding experience for you and your child and will be something that neither of you will ever forget.


Hopefully, by the end of this list you have been able to consider the benefits of sending your kid to our summer camp. If your kid is in Cub Scouts and you are interested in signing them up for camp please visit DenverBoyScouts.org/AdventureCamp. Remember that if you are coming to our Cub Scout Adventure camp, you can bring your other kids along even if they aren’t in scouts! If your kid is in Scouts BSA you can talk to your troop leader about having the troop come to our camp. For more information on this visit DenverBoyScouts.org/Dobbins.

We hope to see you there this summer!

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