Meet Some of the DAC’s Older Youth Leadership for 2022!

Join Sea Scouts!
Join Venturing!

The Denver Area Council is proud of it’s membership of older youth in Scouting, including unique programs like Sea Scouts as well as Venturers! Recently, the leadership for our Sea Scouts and Venturers was announced for 2022. Please welcome your new leaders for the Older Youth Programs in the DAC! Our youth Venturing Officers Association (VOA) President is Lolo Marshall and new youth Sea Scout Quarterdeck (QDK) Boatswain is Luke Nortman, advised by new Council Venturing Officers Association Adviser Pattie Nortman and Curtis Letson. Jon Strauss is the incoming Council Commodore for Sea Scouts. Learn more about them below!

Meet Lolo!

2022 Council Venturing Officers Association President Lolo Marshall

Lowri (Lolo) Marshall is the 2022 Council Venturing Officers Association President. She is an Eagle Scout, and proud to be a founding member of Troop 2119. She is the incoming Ordeal Chair for Order of the Arrow, has achieved her Apprentice rank in Sea Scouts Ship 444 and Discovery rank in Venturing with Crew 444. She has gotten to experience NYLT Bighorn, NAYLE at Philmont, Leave No Trace, Kodiak and Powderhorn training.

She loves Scouting and says that “Scouting has been my life since I was allowed to start joining my brother on all his adventures. Once girls were allowed into scouts I knew I would be excited to join. I have been active with my troop since February 2019 and I’m loving it!”

Meet Luke!

2022 Council Sea Scout Quarterdeck Boatswain Luke Nortman

Luke has been involved in Scouting as long as he can remember, having gone to Scouting events with his older brother since he was little. While he enjoyed Scouts, it was in Ship and Crew that he found access to more adventure and his true Scouting calling. He loves the physical components of Sea Scouts that still facilitate him improving his leadership skills, such as his rafting experience at Whitewater SEAL. It was experiences like Whitewater SEAL that inspired his ascension to president of Crew 444, a position he sought so that he could create more active experiences for Crew members.

While his entry into Scouting was inspired by his brother, he says “When I was younger, I wanted to follow in my brother’s footsteps, but I couldn’t truly enjoy what I was doing until I created a path of my own. And that is what has made my present day scouting experience, the way it is.

Meet Pattie!

New Council Venturing Officers Association Adviser Pattie Nortman

Pattie is the new Venturing Officers Association Adviser. She has almost 20 years of volunteer experience in Scouting. She credits her participation and enthusiasm to Scouting providing ” a necessary outlet for [her] inner 12 year old child. [She] thinks Scouting should be a healthy dose of fun, mixed with experiences made of successes, failures, do-overs, and, as a result, growth. And not just for the youth we serve.”

In her own words: ” As an adult leader, I would like to believe that my mold is not yet cast… I still cherish the lessons I have learned along the way… from Scouts and Scouters alike.  I hope that my willingness to take chances, to explore new ideas, and to challenge my own preconceived notions of the ‘right way’  not only supports my attempts to become the best version of myself, but that my examples of success and failure – in full view of my own sons as well as other Scouts – inspire others to be daring in their own adventures.  An ideal well supported by the quote ‘Progress, not Perfection.’ “

Incoming Council Commodore for Sea Scouts Jon Strauss

Meet Jon!

Jon Strauss is the incoming Council Commodore for Sea Scouts. He has been involved in Scouting since he became the Cub Master for his son’s Pack in 2014. Since then, he has logged over 18,000 miles around the country going on trips, trainings and other Scout travels. With all of that travel and experience, his favorite part of Scouting is still connecting with his son, Michael. As he says, those memories range from “watching [Michael] win a Pinewood Derby to having him lead a weeklong winter trek at Philmont. I feel there is no better program for youth on this planet, and getting to be a small part of it is rewarding as it is enriching.”

Jon is excited to working on growing the Sea Scouts program in the DAC!

Get Involved!

Inspired by these accomplished young people? We are looking for YOU to help us lead the older youth programs at Council for 2022. Both Luke and Lolo are looking for Boatswains mates or VOA Vice Presidents. Youth – please email your interest and for which program area. Sea Scouts or Venturing! Please email Pattie Nortman ( or Jon Strauss ( with your interest!

Additionally, calling all adult Scouters- Pattie is looking for 2-3 Associate Advisers for Venturing. If you are interested please email her at ( .

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