Congratulations to our Class of 2020 Optimist Outstanding Eagle District Award Winners!

The Denver Area Council is also pleased to recognize our nominee to the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award.

Our Council had 398 Eagle Scout Service projects in 2020, including the young women in the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts. Below are the projects from across the Council that were selected as Optimist Outstanding Eagle Project District winners, as well as the Council winner of the Donlie P. Smith Award and our Council nominee for the Adams Award! These Eagles have been recognized for their impressive projects, and are only a sampling of the valuable contributions our Council Eagle Scouts contribute to the community.

Council service projects had a total of 64,404 volunteer hours for a value of $1,636,506.00 plus materials.  Way to go, Eagles!

Bob Dickinson, Denver Area Council Board Member

The Donlie P. Smith Award Winner of the Denver Area Council

Cameron N. Swaney, Troop 199, Denver, CO.  Zuma’s Rescue Ranch Constructing the North Pasture Shed and Fence.  This project involved building a 500-foot-long fence to allow horses that had been rescued to have more room to roam.  Also, a shed was built in the North Pasture to help protect the horses in inclement weather. Zuma’s mission is to rescue and provide horses that are in their twilight years to have a respectful ‘retirement’.  The ranch also provides therapy horses for hundreds of mentally challenged people. Cameron’s project involved over 642 hours and raised over $8,100 to complete the project.

The Optimist Club of  Monaco South, Denver Area Council award has been named the Donlie P. Smith Award in recognition of his leadership to recognize Eagle Scouts. This is an Optimist Club award of the Outstanding Eagle Projects District Award winners submitted within the Denver Area Council.

Alpine District

Logan D. Spendlove, Troop 342, Lakewood, CO. Steph’s Memorial Bridge. Logan’s project was rebuilding a 56’ long and 6’ wide bridge over a marshy area in Belmar Park. The bridge was made safe again for pedestrians and was wheelchair accessible. It took over 345 hours to complete and $1,975.00 was raised to accomplish the project.

Black Feather District

Charlotte Beatson, Troop 114G, Littleton, CO. St. Mary Parish Garden Greenhouse. For this project, Charlotte took a shed kit and converted it into a greenhouse with 10 additional windows. The greenhouse was a part of an existing parish and school garden.  The purpose was to allow students to be able to grow plants throughout the year in their outdoor education classes. The garden also serves as a part of the Parish food bank. Over 319 hours and $2,250.00 was raised to get the job done!

Centennial District

Tyler J. Hirsch, Troop 494, Aurora, CO. Antelope Ridge Elementary Stairs. At this school there was a well-travelled hill down to an existing sidewalk and a lot of erosion was making it unsafe and difficult to maneuver especially during rainy times. Tyler was able to terrace the hill and created 17 steps down to the sidewalk. Tyler and his crew put in over 726 hours and raised over $2,120.00 to accomplish the result.

Frontier District

John M. Ryan, Troop 199, Denver, CO. Park Infrastructure Upgrades at Bluff Lake Nature Center: Construction of Benches, Shade Pergola and Educational Kiosk for Park Visitors and Schoolchildren. This project is pretty much described in the title. John was able to assemble a crew of 22 people to help put up two structures and build benches for people to use while visiting the Nature Center located in the Stapleton neighborhood. A total of 562 people hours was needed and $12,275.00 was raised to make this project a success.

John is also this year’s Adams Award nominee from the Denver Area Council! The Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award is intended to recognize valuable service of an exceptional nature by a Scout to a religious institution, a school, a community, or another entity while doing his or her Eagle Scout service project. Congratulations Jack from the Denver Area Council Eagle Scout Recognition Committee!

Three Rivers District

Dylan West. Troop 225, Glenwood Springs, CO. Sopris Elementary School Flagpole Flowerbed and Beautification. This project entailed taking a drab area around the school’s flagpole and made it more appealing by putting in a half circle raised flowerbed. It made the flagpole area be more inviting and hopefully respected.  Over 511 hours were needed to pull this project off along with $1,300.00 raised.

Valley District

John Kahanek, V. Troop 17, Westminster, CO. US National Forest Service Giberson Bay Project. There was a need for a 450-foot buck and rail fence at the parking lot at Giberson Bay, Lake Dillon before this project could be called finished.  In addition, the project involved rehabbing a kiosk as well as 14 ‘social trails’ and creating a 10’ staircase to the beach. All told, 240 hours were put in and over $4,000.00 of in-kind donations were made.

Once again- a huge congratulations to all of our Eagles and award winners!

If you are an Eagle Scout and would like to share your project with the Council, submit a testimonial here!

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