Inaugural Class of Female Eagles Spotlight: Savannah Letson

Inaugural Female Eagle Scout Savanna Letson.

Inaugural Female Eagle Scout Savannah Letson has QUITE a resume. While she has only been involved in Scouting officially for five years, she has achieved dozens of leadership roles and recognitions. Care to go through her accomplishments? They look a little like this…

Joined Venturing in 2015 and went to Florida Sea Base. Then started her own crew in 2016.

Earned her Venturing Summit award and Ranger award in 2018.

Kodiak Challenge Senior Crew Leader 2018.

Working on her quartermaster award as well, currently an able rank sea scout
Started her own ship in 2019.

Council VOA vice president 2018
Area 2 VOA President 2019
Area 2 Sea Scout Boatswain 2020
Member of the first SEAL course graduates for the Whitewater Colorado SEAL
NAYLE Senior Crew Leader 2020
Earned her Wood Badge beads in 2020
Powderhorn staff in 2020

Order of the Arrow Firsts:
First group of female ordeal candidates and members Feb (election) Mar (ordeal) (with Carissa) 2019
First youth female brotherhood class Sept 2019
First Tahosa Lodge female youth to attend NLS
First Tahosa Lodge female ceremonialist
First Tahosa Lodge Grey Wolf chapter chapter chief 2019-2020
First female youth to lead the Lodge Banquet
First Female youth Lodge vice chief of Inductions
Only youth female on the National Leadership Seminar training team nationally, representing Western Region
Also on a western region OA committee designing new ways to engage youth arrowmen to lead!

Want to know where she’s headed next? Check out this interview from December!

2 thoughts on “Inaugural Class of Female Eagles Spotlight: Savannah Letson

  1. I give thanks and have awesome appreciation of the love that leads your parents dedication to you and your family which extends to all of Scouting. You Savannah, are a Way -shower, a light bringer and a true pioneer. Your effervescent spirit lifts up and encourages those you lead and counsel. Savannah, your solid foundation will support thousands of others as they seek to know and develop their own lives. Who could ask anything more of a single life? May God continue to richly nourish your every endeavor. Blessings to you, your parents and family for their united efforts in integrating all the Scouting Adventures. I remain your amazed and grateful grandpa.


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