A Sensory Pathway for Success

Eagle season is upon us! As we enter the months of our Scouts passing their Boards of Review and becoming Eagles, the DAC will be sharing a selection of stories about our endeavoring Scouts and their service projects.

Thomas C. completed an Eagle Scout project at Orchard Avenue Elementary School to help students with autism, ADD, and sensory problems by creating a Sensory Pathway in the school. Thomas created the Sensory Pathway with pieces of plexiglass covering the brick wall and vinyl stickers the students can use when they are having a difficult time concentrating.

Thomas is a 14 year old Scout from Troop 303 in the Majestic Mesas District in Grand Junction, Colorado. When envisioning his Eagle Project, Thomas said he always wanted to help students with special needs. His original idea was to plan some sort of camping experience. However, like many others, he learned that he had to change his plans in 2020. Creating a sensory pathway was a well-needed alternative for the benefit of the students at Orchard Avenue.

An example of one of the stations along the sensory pathway. These textured spaces allow for a ‘brain break’ when students get overwhelmed.

“[Being an Eagle Scout is] about having fun with new people while helping others. “

Thomas C.

When Thomas was asked about his project, he said that he has always been passionate about helping disadvantaged and differently abled students. Through his project, he learned that “you need the right people for the job” in order to have a successful project. Becoming an Eagle Scout is a prestigious accomplishment. For 14 year old Thomas, “it’s about having fun with new people while helping others who have problems and needs.”

Congratulations on your Eagle Scout, Thomas! Orchard Avenue Elementary School and your Council thank you for your service.

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