Wise Words from a Life-Long Scouter

My earliest memories of Scouting were my older brother being a Cub Scout in the late 1940’s with his trusty little hatchet and Boy’s Life magazines. I do remember his Lion badge for some reason (obviously not the current Lions). A few years later, after a presentation at school, I proudly came home and announced to my mother that I was going to be a Brownie, and she quickly responded that I was not, as she had had to work too hard to get my brother through Cubs.  (We were a military family and had moved just about the time he would have crossed over.)

Fast forward about twenty years and I met a great guy and got married to him.  Shortly after we moved into our first house, I was going through a box with his old wallet in it and came across his Eagle card. 

I said “Oh, you used to be an Eagle Scout?”, to which he replied, “I AM an Eagle Scout.  Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!”.

I have since learned that this response is not unique for those who have earned that great honor.

In the ensuing 45 years of marriage, I have seen the Scout Oath and Law lived on a daily basis.  When our son was old enough to join Cub Scouts, his father eagerly jumped in with both feet and was soon the Cubmaster and then Scoutmaster and shared and taught the Scouting values to our son and hundreds of others.  It was a proud day when I received my Mother’s Pin (actually in my case, an Eagle pendant that my husband had given his mother). 

I have seen how Scouting values can be applied to everyday life and how they have helped mold the man my son became. Much like his father, a man of integrity and principle, always prepared and willing to help others at all times.  He is passing along these same values to his daughter (a true Eagle at heart, just a year too old to be official) and son who is a Tenderfoot and headed up that steep path.

One of the main lessons I have learned from my years watching and participating in the Scout movement is that any time spent in a Pack or Troop is time well spent.  If a youth is in the program even a short time, they cannot help but have learned lessons which will stand them in good stead as they grow.

Do you have stories about Scouting that you want to share with the DAC? Submit them here!

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