Spreading Scouting on Social Media

There a lot of potential uses for social media in Scouting. While Scouts BSA is an organization that focuses on experiential programs, platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer a lot of communication tools to stay in the loop with the Council and share your experiences with other Scouters!

Follow the Denver Area Council

The DAC is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as @DenverBoyScouts. Following our accounts are a great way to get up-to-date information as well as connect with others around the Council. The DAC pages also share content from our local Scouts as well as the National Office regularly!

Certain content, such as our Virtual Den Meetings and Facebook Live events are only accessible through our Facebook page. We also host photo contests and giveaways regularly. Share the DAC page with your fellow Scouters and help them stay connected as well.

Create a Troop, Unit, etc. Page or Group

Stay organized with you Troop using Facebook. It’s super easy to start a Facebook page or group. You will then be able to have all your parents and Scouters stay connected and follow your Unit’s adventures. You can also use the page as a repository for your group’s pictures, videos and other captured memories (Remember that if you tag @DenverBoyScouts, we might even share it!). Facebook Events also allow easy organization for your meetings and events.

You can also follow a Facebook page (like the Denver Area Council Page) as your page. It’s super easy if you follow this guide. You can then like, share and interact with DAC content as your Troop, Unit or other Scouting group! This will help keep your Scouting content organized, and allow your page to share DAC content directly to your Scouting community.

With the lack of in-person opportunities with COVID, having a virtual way of connecting is more valuable than ever!

Show Your Scouting

The BEST way to recruit new Cubs and Scouts is to show the wonderful experiences that your family is having! Posting pictures of your campouts, advancement activities, Eagle Projects and other Scouting programs shows your online community the variety of fun things that Scouting has to offer.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used (especially on Instagram) as a way to utilize keywords and find content that you care about. Some Scout-related ones include

  • #ScoutMeIn
  • #ScoutsBSA
  • #BeAScout

You may have seen the DAC using #RestartScouting during the past couple months as we have shared COVID-safe Scouting resources the past couple of months. Your Pack, Unit or Troop could also use a hashtag to connect your posts (like #Unit100)!

Interact with Posts

There are a lot of ways to interact with the posts you see on your Facebook timeline. Did you know that interacting with posts by liking, commenting or sharing increases the chances that others will also see that post? That means that every time you engage with a post from the DAC, you’re helping the Council reach more people with our content!

You are also able to comment on posts to ask questions (or Messenger us), and will be sure to get a speedy answer! Social Media makes it easy to get quick answers and feedback directly from us.

Looking for a little more guidance on Social Media usage? National has published this short article on their recommendations.

Have an idea for another way to use Social Media to promote Scouting? Share below!

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