Let’s Get ScOUTside with Scavenger Hunts!

The Restart Scouting theme for October is Scavenger Hunt!

From the living room to the nearby park – being on the lookout for items is a great way to start to recognize your surroundings and connect to the world around you! Send your families out and about with a list of things to find and take photos of them to share!  Or set a timer and challenge your scouts to be the first to gather all their items in a virtual race in their own house!

Looking for a more challenging hunt? Hide painted rocks or something special to your Unit (a flag, neckerchief, etc.), create riddles/clues and send your Scouts on the hunt! Remember to be courteous to both your neighbors and the nature around you when planting these items!

 Learn more about how to plan a Scavenger Hunt your family, den patrol, pack, troop or crew! You can also check out these Cub Scout Den Specific Outdoor Scavenger Hunts.

While you’re out hunting, take a pic and tag @DenverBoyScouts on any social media platform with the hashtag #GetScOUTside.  Tell us what you found and with who! We can’t wait to hear about your scavenger hunt adventures!

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