Unit Action Plan to Get Back to Your Charter Organization Meeting Space

With the cold front that blew in this week it is more obvious than ever that your Den, Patrol or other Scouting group needs to figure out a meeting place for this fall and winter season. With Covid restrictions, this may seem like an impossible task. However, we found a success story from Troop 130 in Golden. They developed a plan and were able to get back into their Chartered Organization’s facility after initially being told ‘no’. Italicized below is the plan that they followed to successfully regain entry.

Unit Action Plan

Initial Considerations

It is important to recognize the risks and concerns that your Chartered Organization is considering in their decision to allow Scouts back into their space. As such, here are the considerations Troop 130 made when making their ask:

1.   The Troop committee met before meeting with the church to discuss the impact we could have on the congregation, and we let the church know we had this meeting. A Scout is Reverent.

2.   We shared our estimate of the potential concerns that the church may have and presented our potential solutions to address them. We didn’t have a list of concerns from them, we just assumed. A Scout is Prepared.

3.   We also shared with them our policies that we’ve been executing this summer. We thanked them for the relationship we have and for them continuing to support the family of units they sponsor. A Scout is Courteous.

Health and Safety Measures Promised

As has been emphasized in all parts of the #RestartScouting Rally, health and safety are of paramount importance. A Scout is Clean. To ensure the wellbeing of all participants as well as the Chartered Organization, here are the protocols that were promised by the Troop:

  • We will limit indoor participation to 25 people per meeting. We intend to accomplish this by allowing 2 patrols (and associated leaders and parents) to attend per meeting night, and continuing to offer online meetings for the remaining scouts.
  • We will log everyone in/out of the building for their reference.
  • We will, prior to entry of the building, conduct a temperature and health screening of each attendant.
  • We will require that masks be worn when in the building, and we will maintain social distancing as best as possible.
  • We will use only one entrance/exit to the building.
  • We will limit participants access to the fellowship hall and the bathrooms on that floor. We will close, and lock if available, access to the other parts of the building.
  • We will provide tables and chairs and avoid sitting/touching other surfaces, asit gives us a targeted area to clean.
  • We will clean and sanitize all touch surfaces prior to and following each meeting, and we will provide our own cleaning supplies.
  • We will monitor the school exposure as it progresses, and should any concerns arise, we will quarantine to Zoom meetings.
  • We will remain in contact with the church as things progress, and should someone in our membership contract COVID, we will inform the church immediately.

While every Chartered Organization is different, having a plan that shows you are serious about following CDC and local guidelines is a clear indication to your CO that your group will respect the space. Following that plan is a good way to ensure the health of your fellow Scouters as well. 

Furthermore, it is technically part of your Charter agreement that your CO will “Ensure appropriate facilities for the unit for its regular meetings to facilitate the aims of the Chartered Organization and Scouting”. As such, if your CO does not allow physical meeting in their space, try to engage them to work with you on finding an alternative arrangement. If that is not successful, check out our Meeting Space article on more ideas for finding somewhere to meet.

If you use this plan to get back into your Chartered Organization meeting space, tell us all about it! If you have additional tips or success stories, we want to hear about that as well. Submit your story at this link or tag @DenverBoyScouts on social media.

Thank you for helping us #RestartScouting!

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