Let’s Sell Some Popcorn!

Selling popcorn this year is very different from a typical year. The DAC is here to help in any way that we can! In September, we released a video with our tips and tricks to be as effective as possible with your selling for 2020. In case you missed it, here are the Top 10 Tips that were shared by some Scouts:

1.       Make a pitch to businesses who give gifts to their referral sources and staff.

2.       You could say something like ‘Help me and my fellow Scouts go camping!’.

3.       Tell a bit about Scouting.

4.       Keep it simple!

5.       Share your favorite flavors.

6.       Have a defined pitch memorized and ready to go.

7.       Speak in a bold voice.

8.       Sell to family with online direct.

9.       Smile and be energetic when you speak.

10.     Be kind and polite, even if they say no!

Beyond this Scout-created list, there are several smart practices for selling this fall. As in all things as we #Restart Scouting, remember to be safe and healthy in your selling. Wear a mask and social distance when in public places. Also be sure to follow all local and CDC guidelines.

Free Shipping

One factor that has been extremely successful across the Council is to take advantage of free shipping over $30! The DAC and Trails End has extended this great offer – it is a great opportunity to push those orders to the $30 mark!

Use Social Media

The internet is as open as ever and has opportunities to connect you and your Scout with loved ones around the country. Take a video of your child making a traditional popcorn pitch. Share it with friends and family using social media, email, direct messaging and more!

Set SMART goals

This year might need some adjustment to your Scout’s goals. This is ok! Hitting points of accomplishment will help your Scouts feel successful and empowered as they sell. Adjust your goals – start a little smaller and you can always set the bar higher once you hit your benchmarks!

Reward Success

As noted above, it is great for youth to be recognized for their accomplishments. Recognize the members of your troop who are hitting their goals! Spread the word when Scouts find success, or maybe even give them a small reward when they hit a selling goal.

Share your Ideas with the DAC!

Has your Troop found a secret to success for selling this fall? Tag @DenverBoyScouts on any social media or tell us about it here! Let’s #RestartScouting together!

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