Fun Games for your Den!

When your Scouts lose focus or attention or it’s time for some exercise –Bring out a fun high spirited game!


The Denver Area Council is pleased to offer free Den Leader Fun Kits to all Cub Scout Packs! These fun kits come with a set of 10 soft stress balls and activity ideas to help keep your Pack engaged and active during your meetings. Check out some of the fun activities below! Contact your District Executive to get your Fun Kit today!


Equipment: Three or Four Balls. Cubs in a large circle with three or four in the center with a ball each.  Those in the center throw balls to any Cub in the circle.  If a Cub misses his catch once, he kneels, twice, he sits, three misses and he lies down and the next time he is out.  If he catches the ball any time he is in one of the above positions he comes back to the position before.


Equipment: One ball per team.  Teams in a line, the last players having the ball.  One the starting signal the ball is passed along the line to number 1, who then races to the back of the line and passes the ball forward.  When the person at the head of the lines receives the ball he races to the back and passes it forward.  Continue until number 1 is back to his place.  First team to finish is the winner.


Equipment: A ball. If there is a large number of players, they should form a circle.  For a small group, have the players spread out and form a square or five-sided figure.  One player is chosen to be “it” and he stands in the center.

The other players bounce or throw the ball around or across the circle or square.  They try to keep the ball away from “it” while he, of course, tries to get his hands on the ball.  When “it” catches the ball, he changes places with the last player who threw it and the game continues.


Equipment: Three balls, three tins.  Pack in a large circle.  Stand the three tins in the center of the circle.  One of the players stands in the center and stands up the tins as they are knocked down by the circle of Cubs with the balls.  When all three tins are knocked over at the same time the Cubs who knocked over the third tin changes places with the one in the center.


Equipment: Two Balls. The Cubs form a circle.  The Leader takes one ball (possum) which he starts on its way around the circle. A moment later he starts the other ball (dog).  The dog must catch the possum before it reaches the starting point.


Equipment: One ball.  One scout is “it” and he stands in front of the group with his back to them. “It” tosses the ball backwards over his head to the group. Whichever Scout catches the ball, holds it behind his back. All other scouts pretend to hold the ball behind their backs. When scouts are ready, they all shout, “Hey, Hey, Who’s got the ball?” “It” turns around and has 2 or 3 guesses to find out who has it, depending on group size. If he guesses correctly, he remains “it”. Otherwise, the Scout with the ball becomes “it.”


Equipment: Blindfolds and two chairs. Leaders are inside the harbor, the mouth of which is formed by two chairs. Dens are blindfolded in single file with their hands on the shoulders of the Scout in front of them. The Leader must shout directions to his den in order to get them into the harbor. First den through the harbor mouth wins.


Equipment: A tennis ball for each den.  The first Scout will get down on their back, and, supporting themselves on their hands and feet, walk to a line 30 feet away, while balancing their tennis ball on their chest. If it falls off, they must stop and replace it before continuing. Once they reach the line, they get up, and run the tennis ball back to the next Scout.  The first den finished wins.


Equipment: None. Designate one person as “it.”  They will try to tag other people. When they tag someone, they will go behind the first person and hold on to their shoulders. This will continue until there are four people, when they will split into two trains. This will continue until there is one person left.  The last Scout starts out as the train in the next round.


Equipment: A sheet of paper for each den member, plus one sheet.  If playing outside, you may want to use blocks, and you may also want to give each person two pieces, and tell them that they can only have one foot on one at a time.  Line up pieces of paper. Have everyone stand on their pieces, leaving the extra one at the back. The scouts will then take the paper and pass it up to the front, allowing them to advance one piece of paper. This will continue until all scouts and pieces of paper are across the finish line.  If a person touches the ground, then they drown, and the whole den has to go to the starting line without resetting their time.  The den that gets across to the finish line the fastest, with all den members alive, wins.


Always stop games while they are fun, leaving the Scouts wanting to play again: quick 5 minute games spaced smartly throughout a meeting will ensure focus during the meeting and everyone will have a good time.

As always, be sure to tag us on social media (@DenverBoyScouts) to show off your Den or Pack having fun with these activities!

Looking for more activities for your Den? Bring them to CAP for archery, BBs, rockclimbing, STEM experiments or leatherworking! Additionally, more resources are available on the DAC site.

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