Growing Future Leaders – Building Today. Prepared for Tomorrow Capital Campaign


  • Obtain required capital funding for near-term facility needs at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch, Hamilton Scout Headquarters and Colorado Adventure Point totaling $11.2 million
  • Secure Endowment commitments to support present and future maintenance of all Denver Area Council Camps and Facilities totaling $7 million

Impact of the Project

  • Provide the Denver Area Council with a sustainable source to support youth through Scouting programs by having adequate facilities for operations
  • Create unique and relevant programming for all youth in the Denver area through Colorado Adventure Point and partnership with schools, youth organizations, businesses and Scouting
  • Expand camping and programs for Scouting (Denver Area Council and out-of-council) to increase Scouts attending camp and improve retention– thus increasing the impact of the character building, values driven Scouting program
  • Offer community organization usage at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch to create mutually beneficial partnerships that will give youth and adults experiences they currently do not have
  • Colorado Adventure Point provides unique program opportunities in STEM and outdoor learning made available through school partnership and the Denver area community
2017 DAC Capital Campaign Map
Map of all projects related to the Growing Future Leaders – Building Today campaign

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