Eric Bear, Eagle Scout with Troop 130 Selected for Outstanding Youth Award for the 2017 National Philanthropy Day in Colorado

Eric Bear, Boy Scout with Troop 130 and Eagle Scout has been selected for Outstanding Youth Award for the 2017 National Philanthropy Day in Colorado. He received the award on November 9, 2017.

Inspired by the doctors who treated his chronic asthma, Eric Bear reached out to the Morgridge Academy at National Jewish Hospital to ask how he could give back. As a Kindergarten through eighth grade non-profit school for chronically ill children, the Morgridge Academy relies solely on donations from the community. Eric’s mindfulness and spirit of volunteerism has resulted in over 168 hours of volunteer time at Morgridge since 2016. As a dedicated Eagle Scout, he not only serves an important role in supporting the children at Morgridge, he inspires other teens to do the same.

Eric has collected over $5000 of school supplies and cash donation of $489 for the students through a drive that involved others in his community, including the City of Golden, his Boy Scout Troop 130, his neighborhood and his school, Colorado Academy.


He tutors students in math as they embark on their journey in to high school. He initiated a program of experiential learning for students at Morgridge by introducing the Academy to Colorado Outward Bound, having personally experienced the impact the program has on youth to build confidence and life-long leadership skills.


His nominator, Ms. Jennifer McCullough, Director of Morgridge Academy noted, “Eric’s volunteer activities show his initiative and ability to bring together organizations and create collaboration.”  Ms. McCullough stated, “The spirit of volunteering and giving is a passion for Eric, and he truly embodies a philanthropic spirt of selflessness to improve the quality of life for chronically ill children.”


Eric received his Eagle Scout Badge on September 27, 2017 following his Board of Review.

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