Diana Kullman Receives the Silver St. George Award


Diana Kullman currently serves as the Region 15 Chairwoman.  In that position she has spearheaded identifying contacts with Eastern Catholic chaplains and chairmen and identifying Eastern Catholics serving on Latin-Rite Catholic committees on Scouting.

A long-time member of the Denver diocesan Catholic committee on Scouting, Diana has organized and participated in Boy Scout retreats, Ten Commandment hikes, the annual religious emblems COH and Mass, religious emblems training and Chaplain Aide training.  Diane, along with Amy McNeil, another NCCS member, are known to the Vocations and Training standing committees as the authors of an interfaith Chaplain Aide training program that was considered by the BSA Religious Relationships Committee for national distribution.

Her service to her diocese and council has earned her the District Award of Merit, the Commissioner’s Key, the Silver Beaver and the St. George Award.

It is the honor of the Denver Area Council to recognize Diana Kullman with receiving the Silver St. George Award.

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