Key to Selling Popcorn: Shawn P. – Top Selling Scout for the Past Three Years

Shawn P. has been the top seller in the Denver Area Council for the past 3 years for the annual popcorn sale. Over the past three years Shawn has sold nearly $30,000 of popcorn, resulting in about $20,000 back to Scouting here in the Denver Area. Shawn started as Tiger Cub with Pack 848 in Westminster back in 2011. He worked his way through Cub Scouting and earned the highest rank, the Arrow of Light. In the spring on 2016, he crossed over into Boy Scout Troop 337 in Broomfield.

Shawn Prather_top popcorn sales 1

This year Shawn sold $10,725.00, last year $10,370.00 and the year before that $7,820.00. From working this hard he received $1,300.00 worth of Scout camping gear at the Denver Scout Shop, money in his college scholarship fund, paid for summer camp for those years, an iPad, a laptop, a robot, and an Xbox. He was also very excited to ride on the top of the stagecoach at the National Western Stock Show for Boy Scout Day and be announced that he sold the most popcorn in the Denver metro area for three years in a row. In school, Shawn play’s a saxophone in band. He also enjoys being in glee and acting in the school musicals.

Shawn Prather_top popcorn sales 2

Every fall between August and November, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts sell Trail’s End popcorn products for their annual fundraiser. The Trail’s End popcorn sale helps pay for local Scouting programs in communities all across the country, and Scouts enjoy a great return on their sale, with more than 73% of the purchase price going to fund local Scouting. In 2016, $2.4 million worth of popcorn was sold by Scouts in the Denver Area Council with over $1.6 million staying to support Scouting locally. Products offered in the popcorn sale include Trail’s End Microwave Popcorn, Caramel Corn with Almonds, Pecans & Cashews, Chocolatey Caramel Crunch, Gourmet Cheese Corn, and other quality treats.

The Scouts’ popcorn customers can donate Trail’s End products to our military men and women. More than $45 million of popcorn has been purchased and sent to members of the military. The Trail’s End Popcorn Program is also an important ingredient for leadership development and helps boys develop five key skills:  goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Many Boy Scout alumni credit programs like the Trail’s End Popcorn Program as the place they learned their early business skills.

For more information, contact Scot Fuller:

720.266.2126  |

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