Eagle Scouts with ties to the Broncos, Patriots and the Superbowl


Scouting’s highest honor, meet pro football’s highest honor. With the Super Bowl approaching fast and the AFC to be decided today, Jan 24th, 2016 between two very good teams, I thought I’d share these Eagle Scouts and their connections to the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots.


Thomas Chandler Gailey, Jr. (born January 5, 1952) and was awarded Scouting’s Highest Honor (Eagle Scout in 1966).

Chan Gailey

Super Bowl appearances: 4

  • XXI (1986 season) as special teams/tight ends coach of the Broncos
  • XXII (1987 season) as tight ends/receivers coach of the Broncos
  • XXIV (1989 season) as offensive coordinator of the Broncos
  • XXX (1995 season) as wide receivers coach of the Steelers

Teams: Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers


Jordan Devey (born January 11, 1988) and was awarded Scouting’s Highest Honor (Eagle Scout in 2006).

Jordan Devey

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XLIX (2014 season) as an offensive lineman for the Patriots




Team: New England Patriots

Know of any others?

Did I miss any Eagle Scouts who have appeared in the Super Bowl as a Coach or Player between these teams? Let me know in the comments and I can verify their Eagle Scout status.

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