Scout Night With The Colorado Avalanche

On December 19th, 2015 Scouts and Families arrived at the Pepsi Center with enthusiasm and pride to participate in a Scout night hosted by the Colorado Avalanche. Not known to all Scouts and Families at the game but they would see Scouting represented on the ice before the game as Troop 79 presented the flags for the Canadian Anthem and US Anthem. image001

This Troop showed what being a Scout is by standing tall, having respect as well as honor while on the ice with the flags.

ScoutNIght_ColoradoAvalanche -32After the game all Scouts and families that attended were invited down onto the ice to take a picture with the Colorado Avalanche Mascot Bernie. This is where the fun began as the Cub Scouts were sliding around and having Cub Scout derbies is how i would explain it. They would line up on ground against the wall and push off with their legs as if they ScoutNIght_ColoradoAvalanche -30were pine wood derby cars racing toward the finish line even some of the adults would participate, “this is what being a kid is all about, having fun and creating enjoyment out of nothing” Just some ice and some kids waiting in line but everyone found things to do out on that ice one of the parents explained.

ScoutNIght_ColoradoAvalanche -15

Another Pack of Cub Scouts even decided to show their adult leader what it is like to be a kid during the fun as they dog piled onto their Leader. “This was a lot of fun”, Stated Scouts during the event.

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