Scouting for Food in Metro Denver


The Boy Scouts of America councils nationwide hold an annual Scouting food drive called “Scouting for Food”. This food drive is yet another reminder that our local community Scouts are here, doing good things within the community. The Denver Area Council holds their annual Scouting food drive to coincide with the annual Scouting4Food-44.JPG9Cares Colorado Shares Food drive. This year Coloradans stepped up and donated nearly 328,000 lbs. of food between both programs. The amount of donated food and funds will provide more than 400,000 meals to help those in need. Scouts from the Denver Area Council went out into their communities a weekend prior to the food drive and hanged door hangers on their neighbors doors to remind them about the donation as well as to inform them that they could fill a bag for the food drive and Scouts would come and pick it up to take to one of the drop off sites for the 9Cares Colorado Shares 33rd annual food drive.


Scouts from Troop and Crew 763, Centennial District also volunteered at the aurora drop off site packing up all the donations being dropped off for the 9Cares Colorado Shares 33rd annual food drive. These Scouts did an amazing job and even as the day wore on they continued to pack boxes of food and clothing for those in need within the community. Supporting our communities in need is one of the greatest things we can.



If you would like to see more photos from the event click here Scouting for food photos

Also click here for our Facebook where Troops within our council shared their photos. Denver Area Council Facebook


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