Future Eagles Soar High

Flight Day Group Photo 1.jpgScouts from Cub Scout Pack 236, chartered by the VFW Post #3631, had the opportunity of a lifetime earlier this year. Cubmaster, Vickie Sykes had made contact with a pilot from the Young Eagles, a program through Experimental Aircraft Association, that gives kids a chance to experience a flight at no cost .Vickie extended an invitation to families from Archuleta Elementary Cub Scout Pack to have an opportunity to take flight in a single engine plane with a pilot.

Jonathan's Flight.jpgWith permission from Salvador DiMarco, Principal of Archuleta, Vickie worked with the “On Laughter Silvered Wings” program and together hosted a flight school in the cafeteria where about 40 families attended. Other siblings of the boys in the Scout pack were invited to participate as well. In order to have a chance to take flight in a plane each participant had to be at least 8 years of age and attend flight school. They were told what their experience would be like and the rules/safety about flying.

On February 28th at 7:30 a.m. all but two families came to the Front Range Airport to participate in this event. Each youth was assigned to a single engine plane with his own pilot to fly for a 10-15 minute flight. They were also given the decision of whether or not they wanted their parent to ride in the back with them. Once in the air, the Scout had the opportunity to handle the student wheel for a short time frame.V Sykes Flight.jpg

Each Scout was photographed after each flight, given a certificate signed by each pilot and given a flight log recording actual flight time.

After everyone in the group, including parents, had their chance the Scouts completed the Young Eagles Program. Both parents and Scouts left with a sense of pride and excitement for the experience they all had.

Thanks to Vickie Sykes and the Young Eagles program the Scouts and families of Pack 236, one of 84 units in the Leadership Assistance Program, were given an experience that none will ever forget.

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