High Alpine Rescue by Eagle Scouts 

Luke and Chris from troop 373 were involved in an high alpine rescue on Monday August 10, 2015 on Snowmass Mountain. During the rescue another gentleman by the name of Steven who is an Eagle Scout was helping the victim neither Steven or Luke met before this day nor did they know the victim. Luke and Steven bonded in their efforts, and they only later discovered that they were both Eagle Scouts (Luke from 3 years ago, Steven probably 15 years ago.) Two Eagle Scouts, and their training, quite possibly saved the victims life.

image017On that day up on the mountain Luke and Chris were down climbing and were at 13,100 ft. when they heard rock falling and screams. Steven and the victim had just started to descend when the victim fell 40 to 50 feet. Luke immediately climbed back up the mountain to 14,000 ft., about a 40 minute climb, to help assess the situation. Both Luke and Steven administered first aid and stabilized the victim. If anyone has been on a mountain at 14,000 ft., you know this is not an easy place to operate. As the afternoon wore on, and the risk of thunderstorms were a possibility, both Luke and Steven were committed to stay with the victim. In fact, they stayed with her and helped Search and Rescue Personnel evacuate her from the peak of the mountain. The selfless actions and calm execution in an emergency situation were incredible.

image031The victim suffered a broken arm, wrist/hand, and ankle. She also broke her tail bone and back at L4. She will have a long recovery, but should be ok. She and her family really appreciated the efforts of these 2 Eagle Scouts. A great example of the wilderness training they received as Scouts really making a difference.

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