2015 Denver Area Council Camporee: “Breaking A World Record”

Camporee6-44.JPGThe Boy Scouts of America, Denver Area Council, conducted their Camporee at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch in Elbert County, celebrating 50 years at this location. This event only happens every four years, so the scouts that had the opportunity to attend were very excited.

There were around 4,000 scouts and adults that attended this event. The Council Camporee had many activities for all to participate in such as archery, first aid, and social activities organized by the Venturing program. To a lot of Scouts, one of the highlighted events of the day was an Army Blackhawk Camporee6-250that drew a big crowd as it landed in the field adjacent to the lake and allowed scouts to climb in and wear the headsets to see what it is like to be inside of this military aircraft. Scouts also got to learn about the Indian culture, and got to participate in multiple team-building exercises. Everyone got to be a part of something during this event and it was a huge success. A lot of Scouts said that they really like the  camaraderie that the camporee brings.

The Council decided that they wanted to try and beat a Guinness World Record for having the largest number of people popping bubble wrap at one given time for 2 minutes. The Scouts were very excited to be a part of this, as anyone would be to get the chance to Camporee4-21.JPGpop tons of bubble wrap and be a part of breaking a world record. The first step in this though was the generous donation from “SealedAirPack” of the entire amount of bubble wrap to be used by the scouts; without this, the record could not be beaten. During the massive bubble wrap destruction, adult stewards stood in each section of 50 people to ensure that everyone was continuously popping for 2 minutes to have an accurate count for the results. Once the scouts stopped popping bubble wrap, the results were


tallied and the total number of people who continuously popped the donated bubble wrap was 2,681, which beat the Australian record of 1,19 in August of 2014.

Click Here to Watch As Scouts in the Denver Area Council Beat a World Record Click here to watch the video      A Message from Scout Executive; John Cabeza

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