Once a Scout, Always a Scout

Scouts attended and watched the Colorado Rapids Vs. DC United game tonight as part of the sleepover event at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.
 Rapids Game Sleep Over Event-319.JPG
While watching the game with their parents, 2nd Class Scout Nicolas Luce and 2nd Class Scout Xavier Fross from Troop 98 were noticed by William Hirsch, an Eagle Scout who was sitting in the same section. William said he noticed Nicolas’s uniform that he had worn to the game and introduced himself to the families. He told them that he became an Eagle Scout in Rapids Game Sleep Over Event-3221996, and that he was a part of Troop 5 in Salina, KS, which is one of the Coronado area Council’s Triconda District units. When I approached Nicolas and his family to get a photo for the Denver Area Council’s social media sites, they introduced me to William who agreed to take a photo with the Scouts. While talking to William, he mentioned that since moving here to Colorado he has been trying to get back involved with Scouting, but hasn’t been able to get ahold of any troops and wished he could. He said that when he saw Nicolas’s uniform he knew he had to introduce himself to the young Scouts and their families.
Throughout the rest of the game, this introduction was on my mind because I thought that this shows that no matter how old we may get or even if we have not been around Scouting for many years, we still have a connection to it. The introduction also brought back to mind something one of my scout masters once said when i was growing up; “Once a Scout, Always a Scout”, even after you leave your troop. This bond and connection to Scouting will still be inside you and the values you learn will stay within you and show through you in everything you do.

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